About Us

Diet Me, a leading brand in Keto Diets, gives fat/obese/unhealthy people a chance to loose weight at a faster rate and helps in maintaining a disease free and healthy living environment. We have latest lifestyle trends knowledge and understand how today’s busy lifestyle schedules makes it impossible to maintain healthy living standards. Thus, We give our 100% to our clients by helping them to achieve their health goals in a quick and east way .Because We believe that health is the key to a happy and prosperous life.

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What is Keto?

Ketogenic Diet involves high fats and low carbs. It allows body fats to burn. The eating routine causes the separate of fat stores for fuel and makes substances called ketones through a procedure called ketosis. This eating regimen incorporates ketoacidosis

Ketosis is a metabolic process. At the point when the body does not have enough glucose for vitality, it consumes put away fats rather.

Ketosis weight control plans are also known as:

  • Ketogenic Diets
  • Keto Diets
  • Low-Carb Diet

keto diet

Why Keto?

5 Advantages of doing Keto diet:

  • Fastest way to Loose Weight
  • For Busy People / Corporates
  • NO Side Effects
  • Easy To Do
  • You Still Enjoy Food

keto diet

About Dietician 

saniya mittal keto diet

Dietician Saniya Mittal is the leading ketologist based in Delhi. She is working in this field for the last 6 years. She inspires and encourages her clients to achieve their personal health goals. Diet Me has helped more than 500 clients to reap the benefits of weight loss therapy. 

Saniya Mittal in her own simple way is trying to make a difference in the society by promoting healthy lifestyle and helping people who feel uninspired, unhealthy and unhappy.

Whats in it For You?


  • Personalized Diet Plans according to Client’s needs
  • 98.3% Success Rate based on client feedback 
  • 95% Client satisfaction based on client feedback




keto diet